Looking for professional live entertainment for your event? From a small portable speaker with a guitar and a microphone, to a footdrum and looping rig using subwoofers and line array speakers capable of covering large areas with clear sound, performances and PA Systems can be customized to fit the audio needs of your event. Please check my calendar page for availability.

Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

One man, one guitar; stripped down to just the basics, this configuration works great for small venues and events with less than 25 people.

Footdrum Setup

The addition of footdrums to the acoustic guitar, vocals, and harmonica brings the "solo acoustic" performance to a very different level. The drums add a "full band sound" that can be soft enough to play in a living room, or loud enough to play a large stage for hundreds of people. The footdrum is a new instrument and crowds are captivated not only by the depth that it brings to a solo performance, but also by the coordination required to play guitar, harmonica, and footdrums simultaneously- while singing.

Looping Setup

Variation is the name of the game in keeping performances interesting and engaging. Combining looping with the Footdrum Setup allows the creation of textures and layers that can recreate the sound of a 5 piece band- but coming from one performer. The Looping Setup allows for multiple harmony parts (sung live without harmonizer pedals), live drum parts (on the footdrum), bass guitar parts, percussion played on the top of the guitar with nylon brushes, and harmonica to be recorded and mixed together live, in real time, and makes this a unique and impressive performance.

I'm always learning and adding new tunes. Currently there are over 800 tunes with lyrics that I have stored away somewhere in my brain. No iPads or books, just neurons...

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